The Forgotten City - OST (Steam; PC; Регион активации РФ)
Внимание! Это дополнительный контент для The Forgotten City, но он не включает базовую версию игры. С оригинальным саундтреком The Forgotten City ваши впечатления от путешествия в древний римский город с уникальными персонажами заиграют новыми красками. Список треков: The Forgotten City Through Adversity To The Stars All Roads Lead To Rome Let Us Live, Since We Must Die In The Absence Of Light Seize The Day I came, I saw, I conquered We Are But Dust And Shadow More Lasting Than Bronze Extreme Justice Is Extreme Injustice The Die Is Cast While I Breathe, I Hope Art Is Long, Life Is Short He Lives Twice Who Lives Well If I Cannot Sway The Heavens When In Rome The Result Justifies The Deed In Time of Peace Some Other Beginning’s End The Stars Incline Us One Long Struggle In The Dark A Precipice In Front, Wolves Behind Nothing Is New Under The Sun Leave All Else To The Gods Trust Not The Appearance Life’s Greatest Blessings Fortune Favours The Bold The Voice of the People He Conquers Who Conquers Himself One Night Awaits Everyone Disclaimer: The Forgotten City is not affiliated with any third party game or franchise.© 2018 Modern Storyteller Pty Ltd. The Forgotten City is a registered trademark of Modern Storyteller Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.
The Forgotten City — OST (Steam; PC; Регион активации РФ)
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